Have you ever had some stubborn stains on your favorite clothes or your nice tablecloths, and you wish they could look as good as new?. On a rare occasion, you can actually get those stains out and say, "It's finally clean. It's been washed, treated, and all the dirty spots came out!"

Maybe one of the greatest gifts you could ever be given is a dumpster. You might currently have so much stuff that you wouldn't want to ever think about the process of moving. If you only could get rid of what you've hung onto for so long.

About 35 years ago, the world was rocked by the murders of five American missionaries in the jungles of Ecuador. It was front-page news everywhere, and even major photo coverage in Life magazine. A young man named Jim Elliot and four other young men had gone to minister to the Auca Indians, a group of people who were about to kill each other off in their hostility. One scientist called this tribe the worst people on earth.

The Wound is the BattleWhat kind of wound are you dealing with?

Are you facing emotional and spiritual garbage in your life? Are there things you've done that you wish you could undo or things you hope no one ever finds out about?



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