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For over a decade, I had the privilege of living with some amazing Native Americans on a reservation. Every year, the little village I lived in would hold their annual Christmas parade. While it may not have been Macy's, it was always a blast.

The young people I worked with wanted to have a float in the parade, and they chose "A Charlie Brown Christmas." As we drove by the judges platform, they read out loud what our cardboard Charlie Brown said - "What is Christmas all about?"

You know, as the Christmas season marches on, that question still lingers - "What is Christmas all about?" It's not about the gifts or the decorations. As the angel said, it's about "Good news of great joy...a Savior is born to you." That's Savior, as in Rescuer. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, we can trade our guilt for His forgiveness, the hell we deserve for the heaven we could never deserve. There is no better news!

There's no better time to open up to Jesus' amazing love than Christmas. And we'd love to help you do that. Text us at 888-NEED-HIM, or This Christmas can be your new beginning!