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It's a heart-tugger...when they show some kid's soldier dad, deployed far away, suddenly appearing and enveloping his child in his arms. The best present a kid could get for Christmas - their Daddy!

A lot of folks would love to get a Father for Christmas. Maybe you. There's this hole in your heart - a "daddy deficit." Because of the father you lost - or you never had.

Well, the Bible says about Jesus' coming: "To us a child is born...He will be called...Mighty God, Everlasting Father" (Isaiah 9:6). I've heard so many say, "When I found Jesus, I found the Father I never had." It's true.

He came to make possible a relationship with this Father who will never hurt you, never leave you.

But it took God's Son leaving His Father for us to find Him. And going to a cross to pay for our sin.

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And find...your Father.