Our heroes are in the house! God's reservation rescue team from the Summer of Hope 2016 are at our Headquarters right now.

Rekindling the flame that spread from their hearts across eleven reservations! Re-bonding with their brothers and sisters who are - in their own words - "my family." And reinforcing their battle-tested relationship with the Savior who changed everything.

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    The RHM Headquarters is humming with the excitement of having almost all the 2016 Summer of Hope warriors in the house!

    They just arrived last night for our Winter Break Retreat. From now till January 2, we are pouring a truckload of encouragement, challenge and healing into these incredible warriors for their people.

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      Twenty-four Years. Twenty-four "On Eagles' Wings" rescue summers.

      But this was the summer like no other.

      No team has ever had the challenge of reaching so many seemingly "unreachable" and unreached Native young people.

      No team has been more consistent, more relentless in fighting for lives night after night after night - no matter the resistance, no matter the rejection.

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        "The Light has gone out where the Light began."

        Manolos. Among the first Native Americans to ever hear about Jesus. But as the Manolo believer said, it's pretty dark there now.

        With only about 800 people on their rez, they've had ten drug overdose deaths in just the past four months. One tribal lady said she had lost 11 people she loved to drug overdoses in just the past year.

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          I've waited a long, long time for this one.

          It must have been 20 years ago that Karen and I felt led to stop at a remote reservation and pray for the people there. I just remember it looked pretty depressing.

          To this day, there's been virtually no Gospel. No chance to hear about Jesus.

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            "We've lost a generation of our children - and we don't know where they are."

            That's how a tribal leader described some of the trauma that had shaped their broken younger generation. In the past, government people would come to a reservation home, take Indian children away and dump them into the foster care system. When I asked if they were abusive homes, the tribal leader said, "No. They just said we didn't know how to raise our children."

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              A Summer of Hope like no other!

              That's how I described my expectations in the weeks leading up to this year's rescue mission. I had no idea how vividly different it would be. Including some of the most challenging battles ever fought by On Eagles' Wings.

              First, some of the most unreachable Native people in this country. Inside the seemingly impregnable walls of the Ironstone religion. And while strong cultural pressure kept people on two reservations from making a public stand for Jesus, God used these relentless warriors redemptively in many personal conversations.

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                That's how Troy, a pastor to his own people on the Winooska Reservation, described what he had just seen on OEW's final night on his rez.

                Once again, the unsinkable warriors of OEW 2016 were bringing the Light of Jesus to another Ironstone reservation. Knowing now how strong this stronghold is. And knowing how this reservation is hardened also by being a major corridor for a billion dollars worth of life-destroying drugs each year.

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                  It all started here. The birthplace, the epicenter of the Ironstone religion that has for so long built an almost impenetrable wall to keep Jesus out of the hearts and lives of its people.

                  We are on the Eagle Rock Reservation, where it's hard-to-impossible to find someone who has turned from Ironstone to Jesus. The religion is not something they believe. It's who they are. And turning to Jesus is virtually unthinkable.

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                    Carrie (Navajo) virtually collapsed on the steps of the bus. Sobbing loudly. She, along with many of our team, were heartbroken for the people of the Ironstone religion.

                    The local girl Carrie had talked with had broken her heart. She was one of many warriors who came weeping our first night on the Presidio Reservation. They had hit the spiritual wall of the centuries-old Ironstone religion of this region. Possibly the most Gospel-resistant spirituality in all of Native America.

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