Guaranteed Peace 6 CD Set

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From the 2002 RHM President's Retreat

Bible Book: Various Passages

Discover how to find peace through God's secrets of stability for your life's changing seasons with "Guaranteed Peace" by Ron Hutchcraft. God has promises for your life, and you can have everything you need for all that you face. Some choices in life can cause you to have regrets later, but you can know how to make the right choices. Sin easily entangles and enslaves us; find out how to beat what has beaten you. Sometimes you have a heavy load on your shoulders, but there is hope and you can have extraordinary results in your prayer life. Find out how to make a lasting difference in the lives around you and learn how you can have guaranteed peace in this 6-CD set.


  1. Everything You Need For Everything You Face
  2. God’s Guarantee:  Knowing What To Do
  3. God’s Guarantee:  Making A Lasting Difference
  4. God’s Guarantee:   Handling Every Burden
  5. God’s Guarantee:   Beating What’s Beaten You
  6. God’s Guarantee:   Extraordinary Results




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