Dear Friend,

How can we better reach lost people with the Gospel?

It may be someone you work with. Or a neighbor...maybe someone at the store, the club meetings, the gym. A member of our own family. They're lost.

Most lost people don't seem interested in our Jesus. And yet, their eternity depends on them understanding that what happened on that middle cross was for them.

What would happen if there were a totally "non-religious" website that lovingly addresses issues lost people care about? Like loneliness...the pain of your past...marriage...parenting...stress. A place that builds a natural bridge from the felt needs they care about to the Cross of Jesus.

Soon there will be such a place - rescuing lost people, day after day, around the world.

It's called

I'll be sharing the Hope of Jesus from the most powerful platform on earth - the Internet. And potentially presenting Jesus to more people in a week than I've been able to in a lifetime!

You are enabling us to reach people right where they are, through a need they care about, in words they can understand. Your gift this month will literally help us launch - and put the Gospel within easy reach of lost people around the world.

A new year..."A New Story" tell them the old, old make the rest of their life a new story. We'll be there rescuing because you're there praying and giving so we can.

The reach of our holy partnership with you just keeps growing - exponentially. I can't thank you enough for caring as you do about the people who don't know our Jesus - and for joining hands with us to bring them Home.

For some lost man or woman somewhere in the world - maybe one you care about - this really will be a new year. With a new story. The year everything changes. Including their eternity.

Your partner in the life-saving mission of Jesus,

Ron Hutchcraft

P. S. God's Gospel - and your gift - are going to be reaching more lost hearts than ever. Reaching more - through the new rescue website that your giving is helping make possible. Thank you for your heart for those who need our Jesus!





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