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We would like to offer you an excellent tool to assist you in your continued growth as a spiritual rescuer! We call it the 21-Day Rescue Challenge Email Series.

Taken from Ron Hutchcraft's latest book, A Life That Matters, these daily one-minute reads will encourage, equip, and motivate you to continue "thinking lost" and reaching out to those within your world that you love and care about and want to be in heaven with you someday.

Why 21 days? Research shows that it takes no less than 21 consecutive days to develop and maintain a habit. While your friends and family will be happy that you have developed the habit of checking your emails daily, the bigger (and eternal) purpose is for you to develop a life-long habit of caring for lost people and rescuing those God puts in your path.

To begin receiving the 21-Day Rescue Challenge, please provide the following information in the boxes below. Once you click "submit," you will receive a confirmation email from us that you want to begin receiving the emails. Once the 21 days are finished, you will no longer receive emails from us unless requested.

We look forward to what God will do in your life as you experience the 21-Day Rescue Challenge!