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How the Hands Tell It All - #7115 Print
A Word With You - Your Most Important Relationship

Friday, April 18, 2014

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Look, you've probably got a picture of yourself you don't like, right? It might be on your driver's license, or an ID card, or a passport. There's probably a picture of you that you do like. That's the one that shows your good side, your hair's just right, you're smiling. Once at a conference there was a lady who I guess appreciated the speaking of one of my fellow speakers there, and she said, "Would you mind if I give you a picture of myself?" He said, "Well, that would be fine." So she signed it with a note, and he didn't really look at the picture until he got to a lunch that I was attending. We were sitting right next to each other, and he opened it up and he said, "Man! Look at this picture!" It was the most unusual personal photo I've ever seen. It was a picture of her hands.

The Most Expensive Choice - #7114 Print
A Word With You - Your Most Important Relationship

Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Raising children! You know, it's not easy to know what's best for those little lives that God entrusts to us is it? A lot of times we don't know until years later if we did too much or not enough, or just the right amount. We have choices to make about discipline, medical treatment, and education. We've got to decide where the boundaries are going to be; what happens if they go out-of-bounds. Some choices actually make the difference between life and death.

Wearing the Shirt After the Loss - #7113 Print
A Word With You - Your Hard Times

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Growing up, my sons never lived anywhere but in the New York area. And, therefore, they developed some pretty intense loyalty to things New York. Take the baseball season for example. Yep, they're still diehard Yankee fans. I mean, even when their Yankees weren't giving them much to cheer about. My sons were so dedicated and they really still are to the Yankees, that after a particularly embarrassing loss my youngest son made it a point to wear his Yankee shirt to school.

The Golden Street's Matchmakers - #7112 Print
A Word With You - Your Mission

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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I meet a lot of single people in their twenties and thirties, and of course, a lot of them would like to be married. Either they haven't found the right person yet, or they found someone with like commitment phobia who hears wedding bells and runs the other way. Our mate selection process, as you may know very personally, is a little uncertain and sometimes messed up, actually.

Eating, Then Lying Down - #7111 Print
A Word With You - Your Personal Power

Monday, April 14, 2014

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It was one of the classic commercials of all time. It was the Alka Seltzer commercial: two tablets dropping into a glass of water to the tune of "plop, plop, fizz, fizz"? Usually, they showed someone eating something disagreeable just before bedtime; someone who could only be rescued from terminal indigestion with "plop, plop, fizz, fizz". Several years ago, I met someone who knew that agony; the agony of late night stomach revolt.

A Comeback Kid - #7110 Print
A Word With You - Your Most Important Relationship

Friday, April 11, 2014

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I'm not normal. No. I mean, most folks watch the women's Olympic figure skating in the winter Olympics and just enjoy the grace of the "twizzles" and the "triple lutzes." Not me. I'm a story guy. So I'm sitting there mulling the stories of those skaters. And thinking, "We've got something to learn from her."

It Ain't Over - #7109 Print
A Word With You - Your Hard Times

Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Well, it had been a long wait, like 20 years, but then the 1996 New York Yankees won the World Series! Now, they had to beat the champs to do it, the Atlanta Braves. And after the first two games of that best of seven series, I thought the Yankees had gone into a coma; they got creamed! That's when it got exciting. They came back to win the next two games, and then the series was tied at two games apiece of course. And the Yankees, then, appeared to doze off again in game five. They were behind six to nothing!

Eye Transplants for Lovers - #7108 Print
A Word With You - Your Relationships

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Jim was a partner with us in some of our radio outreach to young people, and he's a man who refused to be stopped with his limitations. He was blind. In fact, he launched a pioneer program in his area that was planned and hosted by young people. We talked to Jim and we got some incredible news. He had just come through surgery with his very own medical miracle. He woke up from that operation with some of the sight restored that he had lost years before. And he told us how beautiful the mountains were, and especially how beautiful his wife was. He said, "I finally see my wife for the first time in 16 years!" What a breakthrough!

Winning the Fight Before It Begins - #7107 Print
A Word With You - Your Personal Power

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Boxing! Some people like it and a lot of people don't. But those ever present "Rocky" movies sort of elevated boxing to a battlefield between the nice guy underdog and the not-so-nice favorite. A lot of boxing favorites thought it was sort of a rocky matchup when Evander Holyfield went against Mike Tyson some years ago for the WBA Heavyweight Championship. Now, Holyfield was a 25/1 underdog when the fight was booked. Tyson was the almost invincible Iron Mike, called by some commentators the baddest man on the planet. Well, much to almost everyone's surprise, including Las Vegas where a lot of money was lost, the underdog - Holyfield - soundly defeated Mike Tyson.

The Winning Way to Handle Losing - #7106 Print
A Word With You - Your Most Important Relationship

Monday, April 7, 2014

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Okay, I'm a typical American. I like football, baseball, basketball. Luge, bobsled, slopestyle, halfpipe - not so much. But, like millions of others, something about the winter Olympics drew me in to watch sports that I know little about. It's because of the drama; the human drama. The world's best on the world stage, with much of their life invested in what will be only minutes of their life, giving it all for the glory of winning or the agony of losing.

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