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Friday, October 10, 2008

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When you travel a lot like we do, you get to do a lot of trip planning and you got a lot of help from the internet with the maps and the detailed itineraries. Of course, I’m a brochure freak that helps show you the place you might want to stop, and then some people have GPS—that computerized guide that literally show and tells you where you are and how to get to your destination. I’ve even got a book that shows us all the motels and restaurants—even the Wal-Marts. Listen, trip planning makes for happy trips.

I’m Ron Hutchcraft and, you know, a lot of people think of life as a journey and you can’t figure out the plan for that trip from the internet or brochures or a GPS device. Even now most of us are facing a whole bunch of things in our future that are beyond our control, that are loaded with unknowns, so much we can’t figure out, can’t make happen. I guess several times a week I find myself driven to this anchor verse for a life that matters. It’s Psalm 37:5 , “Commit your way to the Lord; trust also in Him, and He will bring it to pass.” See, God’s the ‘way-maker’, He parts Red Seas, and He levels Jericho walls for His children.

There is really awesome peace in claiming this promise from Him. You totally commit the way you should go to the Lord, and then when you’re having to wait or when it gets darker before it gets light—well, that’s when you trust in the Lord that you’ve committed your way to because you trust His love, you trust His track record, His promises. Let Him plan the trip. Let Him make the way and “let the peace of Christ rule in your heart” (Colossians 3:15 ).

Listen, we’ve tried to provide a website address with some practical answers. I hope you’ll go there today. It’s because God put you here to live a life that matters.

This radio program references: Psalm 37:5 ; Colossians 3:15


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